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Bawer Medical  specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of furniture for Operating Theatres and Sterilisation Centres.
Uncompromising quality, design and technology are just some of the aspects that set us apart. Bawer Medical not only offers a wide range of products for hospital furniture, it also guarantees great flexibility and reliability. Furthermore, being a manufacturer and producing the products directly in our own factories, we can provide a global and customised service by putting the customer at the centre of the project.

Why Choose US

There are few companies in the World that can guarantee full service and direct contact with the manufacturing company in this sector.Tailor-made, customised projects made from the highest quality materials make Bawer Medical a reliable and punctual partner.

Don't miss this Opportunity

Give your facility new opportunities for growth and visibility. We develop and implement projects of high quality and redevelopment of hospital and healthcare facilities with a revolutionary approach that combines hospitality and design.
Product Plus

Quality, Durability and Performance.

Quality, durability, ergonomics and operating comfort are just some of the incredible features of our Medical products. Everything is made not only with great attention paid to the quality of materials but nothing is left to chance. In fact, all of our products are designed for constant daily use, which is why we conduct more than 40 technical and performance checks before we put a product on the market.



Proper maintenance and service is intended to ensure maximum durability, usability and cost-effectiveness of the product over time.
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Spare parts

Being a manufacturer means being able to guarantee the availability of spare parts at all times and quickly.
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In case of problems, we guarantee very fast reaction times. Our qualified service team performs on-site repairs or ensures the workflow is maintained by providing replacement products.
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most popular


Intended for environments such as operating theatres and laboratories where the need for hygiene and functionality is highest. Free of sharp edges and sharp corners so as to ensure the safety of personnel.

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