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The Technological Innovation That Sets Us Apart

Technological innovation has always been one of BAWER's added values, and is an essential part of our business. Our steel-processing machinery is highly innovative, allowing us to perform work with advanced technologies such as laser cutting and welding, tangential bending, air bending and resistance and arc welding (TIG – MIG – MAG).

Thanks to our constant focus on innovation and technology, BAWER stands out for its high flexibility in production and ability to offer customised solutions to meet customers' needs.

The high technological content of our processing allows us to guarantee maximum precision and quality, reduce waste and optimise production processes.

By choosing BAWER, our customers can count on state-of-the-art products made with the latest technologies to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. Our ongoing commitment to technological innovation is one of our greatest strengths and enables us to maintain our position as the industry leader in steel and advanced materials

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