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Facilitated Measure: AXIS III - COMPETITIVENESS SMEs of the OP ERDF 2014-2020 - Public Notice D.G.R. 526/2018 "Industrial Development Plans through Supplementary Facilitative Packages (MINI PIA)"


Project Code (CUP): G17I18001100004

Beneficiary: BAWER S.p.A.

Total investment allowed by Grant Measure : € 1,989,996.40

Total decreed relief: €702,772.37

The main objective of BAWER S.p.A. has been the expansion of BAWER's production capacity, in terms of quality and quantity, at its production site located in the Jesce Industrial Zone of the Municipality of Matera, with the purchase of innovative machinery and equipment. This investment made it possible to launch the new "BAWER EVOLUTION" product line, a significant evolution in BAWER's product range offering.

Our main projects were divided into three key areas:

  • Productive Investments.: Purchase of machinery and equipment to make the EVO multi-material range, with goals of reducing environmental impact and improving the performance and quality of BAWER products. An important step toward sustainable production and efficiency in our production chain
  • Real Services: Investment in specialized services to improve the future competitiveness of the company, which includes advice on drafting the business plan, updating the OMC 231, and implementing an advanced management control system. These measures are key to driving business growth and ensuring effective and responsible management.
  • Corporate Research and Innovation.: Planning, design, and implementation of a product platform for toolboxes made of steel and other materials, with goals of reducing mass, environmental impact, and increasing quality.
  • Results: The implementation enabled a strategic investment in innovation and production, leading to a reduction in time-to-market and a streamlining of the sales and customer care process. This represents not only a success for the company, but also significant progress in the BAWER industry, demonstrating the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.
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