29 Jan

TARGET: KEEP GROWING. Bawer at Arab Health Exhibition – U.A.E.

Company BAWER will exhibit its products at the International Trade Show dedicated to the healthcare market “ARAB HEALTH”, that will take place in Dubai – U.A.E., from the 29th of January to the 1st of February 2018.

“We are participating to this event – declared Pietro Chiarullo, Sales and Marketing Director – Bawer S.p.A. - with the objective of consolidating our growth, in order to make it structural. We have got to a point where our brand is not only recognized for the quality of our medical products, but also and most importantly it is now valued for our capability of providing our customers with integrated solutions for turnkey projects. This is the aftermath of the strategy we have been pursuing in the last years, which has led us to successful results: just in 2017, we have set up – in Italy, Europe, Asia and M.E.N.A. region – more than 2000 sqm of Bawer OT, CSSD and medical furniture solutions.

Arab Health exhibition comes shortly after “Medica” Trade Fair, which took place in Düsseldorf (Germany), in which the Matera based Company achieved outstanding results.

“The international market – observes Pasquale Lorusso, President of Bawer S.p.A. - rewards a company’s versatility and its capability of supplying highly customized goods. We strive to add customer perceived value on each stage of our value chain, considering that our firm directly manages each step of the product life cycle, from its conception to its design, form engineering to manufacturing, all the way to after sale services. We are therefore ready to offer our latest innovations to the U.A.E. market, and to keep on improving our product offering.”

“For the year 2018 – concluded Pietro Chiarullo – we aim to even more challenging results, as we are aware that our firm can keep on expanding its objectives because we are able of both following and anticipating the market needs by offering highly innovative solutions. By this logic, Arab Health represents an important annual gathering for strengthening and expanding high potential commercial relations.”